Dutch Translators' Lexicon VNLex

Vertalerslexicon voor het Nederlandstalig gebied (VNLex) / Dutch Translators' Lexicon

Petra Broomans, the initiator of the Dutch Translator's Lexicon (VNLex), wrote a short blog in 2017 about the first steps towards the lexicon, see: https://www.tijdschrift-filter.nl/webfilter/vrijdag-vertaaldag/2017/week-34-petra-broomans/

Much of the literature published in the Dutch language area, comes to us through translations and through the efforts of translators and cultural transmitters. In VNLex, the translators are presented with a biography, portrait and bibliography. The lexicon is continuously updated with new articles and is continuously under development.
VNLex is,
like the "mother lexicon" in Sweden, and the "sister lexica" developed in Germany, Norway and Denmark, a technologically innovative, open database. The software was donated by the initiator of the Swedish lexicon, Prof. Lars Kleberg. An IT specialist from the Germersheim database has made the latest version available to IT specialists (W. Struiksma and J. Nicolai) of the University Library Groningen. Use was also made of the software of the Norwegian translators' lexicon, made available by Hilde Sveinsson.
As of September 1, 2018, Elise Bijl was appointed as web editor and is also part of the core editorial team, consisting of Petra Broomans, Ingeborg Kroon and Caroline Meijer. The University Library Groningen hosts the database and, in consultation with the Center for Information Technology (CIT), has applied for a domain name and installed the software. The database got adapted to the Dutch situation and is based on new insights obtained from recent research. The provision of information about Dutch translators and their works in biobibliographic entries (articles) provides insight into previously unrecognized networks, traditions and processes. The plan is to map out the entire field from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century.
VNLex is an open access publication.
All articles are assigned a DOI.

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We are very pleased to inform that the bibliography of translations of Swedish books into Dutch by Broomans and Kroon has been published, see Publications 2013!!

The publication has been made possible by Stiftelsen Konung Gustav VI Adolfs fond för svensk kultur, The Swedish Academy, The Scandinavian Translation and Information Bureau Netherlands (SVIN) and Leonora Christina Foundation.

From 20 November 2014 until 15 January 2015 the exhibition '400 jaar Zweden-Nederland - 100 jaar Tove Jansson' was shown in the University Library in Groningen. The exhibition was curated by Stephanie Goossens en Petra Broomans. This project was a spin-off from the bibliography.

See: http://www.rug.nl/news/2014/11/2017-11-14-opening_tentoonstelling_ub

In the future we will develope an interactive database.

To be continued...